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Pool Automation

Get connected

Featuring the latest in pool automation, Theralux has a range of pool automation products to connect your lifestyle.

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Your Pool in the palm of your hand

The Pool+ Manager is easy to use automation and water analysis technology for your pool. 

Manage and control your pool, spa, heating requirements and garden lighting from the palm of your hand, in one easy to use app, from the comfort of your couch or whilst you are on the move. Designed to also remove the hassle from pool and spa operation, Pool+ Manager brings simplicity to owning and operating a pool.

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Make your life easier and take control

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Smart Sensor

Measures pH and ORP levels with live feedback directly to your smart device, giving you peace of mind on the health of your water.

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Auto Dosing

Once analysed, your pool water is automatically balanced so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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Connected Lifestyle

Pairing up to 8 pieces of equipment giving you complete control of your entire pool wherever you are in the world.

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Easy Integration

Adapts to existing pools and compatible with all equipment brands.

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Modular Design

Designed with flexibility of expansion units, allowing you to build upon your automation system.

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Pool+ Manager

Connect Your Lifestyle

Imagine a pool where everything is controlled on one screen, by any of your smart devices. Whilst you are on the move, anywhere in the world.

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Pool+ Manager

Effortlessly Balanced Water

Continuously measuring and reporting your pools pH and ORP levels with precision. You can now, see your pools water parameters in the palm of your hand, giving total peace of mind.

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Pool+ Manager

Invite your family

With the ability to add multiple users, invite your family or pool professional to view and change settings

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Pool+ Manager

Focus on Fun

No need to climb in hard to reach filter boxes, operate several pumps, light and heaters from different devices or locations. Enjoy the freedom and control to activate everything from your phone.


We're here to help you make the best decision

Can I use the Pool+ Manager with my existing pool equipment?

Yes, we can connect any brand of equipment, although some functionality may vary e.g pump speed

Does the Pool+ Manager automatically balance my pool?

The Pool+ Water Manager is an available add-on, and this will give you the ability to analyse and control pH and ORP. It will automatically dose chemicals, turn chlorinator on and push information about your pools health straight back to your smart devices.

Do I need Wifi connection?

Yes, prior to install you will need to ensure your homes Wifi signal reaches your filter box.

How long does it take to install and connect?

Depending how many equipment items that need to be connected. A full setup with 8 pieces of equipment, usually takes no longer than 30 minutes.

Can I install the Pool+ Manager myself?

Yes, installation is easy and can be completed by the pool owner. One of our Authorised Dealers are also very happy to complete the install for you.

Why choose the Pool+ Manager automation system over other brands?

Pool+ Manager is the only modular and agnostic automation system on the market (works with any brands). It’s also extremely easy to use and setup.

Can I have multiple users?

Yes you can add as many users as you like, including your pool technician. 

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