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Blue Circle - Blissful Bathing - Benefits of Mineral Pool Conversion
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Blissful Bathing - Benefits of Mineral Pool Conversion

6 August 2021

The benefits of a mineral pool conversion will not only provide your facility with the healthiest and most environmentally friendly swimming environment possible but it will also increase your marketing potential. James Croll explains.

In an age where business decisions are being driven more than ever by sustainability, the aquatic industry is seeing a dramatic rise in heavily salted and chlorinated pools being converted to mineral pools. When compared to traditional salt and chlorine pool sanitation, a mineral pool is a positive choice for the environment: the reduction of sodium usage helps reduce urban salinity and because sodium is corrosive an added bonus is the longer life of accessories and products used in and around the pool.

However, the benefits extend beyond sustainability as, in addition to lessening the impact on the environment, there are health benefits to converting to a mineral pool. One composition in particular, magnesium chloride, has been proven to provide a number of substantial health and wellbeing benefits to the bather.

Eddie Lloyd of Theralux Mineral Pool Systems, who has been at the forefront of mineral pool conversion in Australia over the past decade, explains “magnesium is used in every Theralux Mineral Pool and Spa. “Nowadays magnesium is a widely sought-after mineral for regular consumption and for very good reason. It is a vital mineral that is required by every major organ in the body, providing essential B and D vitamins, which are needed to maintain good health. On average adults require 300 to 400 milligrams of magnesium a day. A lack in this fundamental mineral can lead to poor sleep patterns, muscle pain, cortisol increase and migraines.” The health benefits of magnesium is most effective when bathing in it as it is being absorbed through the skin. This allows it to be almost immediately absorbed without the need for it to be digested and transported in the bloodstream via the stomach.

Mineral pools also have mild flocking capabilities which help filter out extremely fine material such as dust and dirt, providing a crystal clear swimming pool all year round. This not only reduces the need for chemicals like clarifiers and algaecides, which delivers further cost savings, but a far more attractive looking pool which also has a massive impact on its marketability. The waters also feel far more pleasant and have little to no taste. Lloyd adds “the waters also moisturise your skin as you swim. For sensitive skin, and for young children and people with conditions like eczema and dermatitis, mineral waters are by far the kindest choice whilst they also provide natural relief for injuries and muscular complaints as the mineral content is absorbed through the pores of the skin, relaxing the nervous and muscular system.” Research has also found that proper levels of magnesium during pregnancy can help keep the uterus from contracting prematurely. The waters also assist pregnant women with tissue repair, providing relief to a body that is being pushed to its limits.

Elixr – Delivering the “devine”

The highly regarded Elixr Health Club in Bondi Junction has been a recent convert to mineral water. Their 25 metre heated indoor pool is home to an exclusive swim school which offers Parent and Baby classes, Learn to Swim classes, as well as Aqua fitness classes which are promoted as excellent lowimpact rehabilitation therapy solutions and a good choice during pregnancy. Elixr appointed Theralux to convert their pool to a mineral pool system in 2017. Elixr Swim School Manager, Victoria Rich advises “the Theralux Mineral Pool was the best option for us on a number of levels since we wanted the luxury of a premium setting which would provide the most premium of water to our clients.

“With Elixr being a premium health club leading the industry in areas such as Pilates and yoga, having a pool that meets the same level of excellence is of the upmost importance to us.” The health benefits were a key factor in Elixr’s decision to convert to mineral water as students are often in the water for lengthy periods; babies and learn to swim members for up to 30 minutes while other members in classes often lasting up to an hour. Elixr’s decision to convert however wasn’t just driven by their desire to maintain a level of excellence with their members. Indeed, the need to look after their own staff was also a key factor as the swim teacher’s shift patterns could see them teaching all day on weekends with average shifts sometimes lasting 3.5 hours.

In this regard, Elixr were only too aware of the benefits the mineral waters provided such as the moisturising of the skin, the conditioning of the hair and the natural relief to muscle aches and pains.
Rich explains “knowing the number of members and staff who use or teach in the pool a number of times a week, our first thoughts were for them. “Knowing the benefits of the mineral pool water we knew it would just take the Elixr pool to the next level of perfection"

“Since converting to the Theralux Mineral Pool, the feedback from our staff and members on the clarity of the water has been second to none. The temptation to simply hop in and enjoy the pool is just divine and it is honestly a pleasure to see so many people enjoying it each day.”

Elixr are also seeing the benefit of more active participation in swimming lessons. Students are more comfortable in the water and don’t have an issue with stinging eyes which means they are less resistant to removing their goggles and have a go, which is of great benefit with this being such an important part of the less

Elixr are now integrating the fact that their pool is now mineral water in all their current marketing and communications. Rich adds “providing quality assurance is one of our ultimate goals within our brand since it aligns with the fundamentals of our business."

"Elixr is seen as a sanctuary to our members and staff and we love that this extends now more than ever in to the pool.” More than ever these days consumers are choosing to engage with a product based on the level of health and experience it offers themselves and their family. If a commercial pool venue is able to align their product with a global health and wellness movement, it undoubtedly places them in a very influential position. Incorporating mineral water to your pool, may well serve to be that powerful tool in raising popularity and desirability to your business.

Lloyd believes there are few stronger ways to make your swimming pool stand out from the crowd and draw people to your venue from literally miles around, concluding “it is not just the health and wellbeing benefits that have an enormous impact but the whole experience. People love the clarity of the water, the calming experience, as well as the health and wellbeing benefits. We know that there is large market for travelling overseas for spa and well-being holidays; this alone confirms that the member catchment area of one’s venue increases dramatically as people are only too willing to travel for the experience.”

James Croll is Client Relations Manager at Australasian Leisure Management.