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Blue Circle - Control your pool from the palm of your hand
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Control your pool from the palm of your hand

13 July 2021

Control your pool from the palm of your hand with a few easy taps on your device screen.

Swimming in your pool is the easy part. Every pool owner knows though, that there is always a bit of work in keeping it feeling and looking amazing. But what if there was a pool automation system that gave you control of your pool, while also handing you back the personal time you have been spending on maintaining your pool area?

There are things that can really chew up your time: balancing the pool water, getting the leaves out of the pool, changing the temperature of the water, setting filtration times, turning on your pool lights, controlling your pool heat pump or switching on water features. Usually, these tasks are done manually; so if you’re sick of trying to reach the tight spaces of a filter box, manoeuvring awkwardly with a pool skimmer or having to get the neighbour to help you out when you’re away from home for an extended period of time this is for you. Introducing the one little device that can do it all, right from palm, wherever you are: the Theralux Active® Pool+ Manager. 

What can the Pool+ Manager app control?

A quicker answer would be to ask what it does not do. The e Pool+ Manager connects your pool with your lifestyle by being able to adjust, manage and control the pools pH and ORP levels, water temperature and lighting all with a few easy taps on your device screen. From your couch, your commute or even across the country, this app is designed to remove all hassle from the management of your pool.

From activating your spa heating mid-commute to sink into after a stressful day, to clicking for immediate filtration after the kids have spent the afternoon playing Marco Polo, the app gives you back your life in one, neat and easy-to-use screen.

It even comes in handy during bouts of hibernation from your pool. In just seconds, you can turn your pool to winter mode, saving you time and money on unnecessary running costs.

In a world where we use Thermomix in the kitchen, Sonos in the home and voice activated technology, Pool+ Manager is the logical outdoor iteration of ease-of-living technology that brings the outdoors in line with the rest of your home.

What are the benefits?

Essentially, it gives you your time back without sacrificing the health, beauty, and enjoyment of your pool. It is also an insurance policy that nothing is ever missed. Every area of pool management is displayed in easy-to-use and -see navigation that can work like a checklist of what needs to be done at any given time, from anywhere in the world. The modular design means it is created to work with almost every aspect of your pool’s design and cater to your individual requirements. You can also override or troubleshoot any pump issues without having to run home and do it manually.

With the app, you can catch problems with your pool before it becomes an expensive green colour by the app’s ability to show an issues report if the pump is in trouble.

From impressing the kids’ friends when the lights or water feature ‘magically’ switch on at exactly the right time, to simply being the most convenient way to complete a chore (without so much as standing up to do it), the Pool+ Manager gives you back the time and freedom to do what you love (like enjoying your pool).

How does it work?

Seamlessly integrating to existing pools, as well as easily included in new build pools, the Pool+ Manager uses Wi-Fi connectivity and modular design to control up to eight items of equipment at one time, with multiple user access. The monitor is conveniently plugged into one outlet, and then it’s time to play! After initial purchase, there are no more running costs. This is the first cost effective pool automation product bring your pool technology in line with your busy lifestyle!