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Salt Vs Mineral: What's the difference?

26 October 2021

We’re often asked what the difference is between a salt and mineral pool. This can be confusing, and we want you to have all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your family. So here you have it – everything you need to know about salt vs mineral pools.

Saltwater Pools

In a nutshell, salt pools use salt within the water, and this acts as the precursor of creating chlorine to sanitise your water.

Mineral Pools

Use a combination magnesium and other naturally occurring minerals within the water to provide a healthier swimming experience with a higher quality of water. All mineral pools (and freshwater pools for that matter) contain an element of salt to effectively run the chlorinator that sanitises the water. Some mineral pools use Potassium instead of salt, but there is no benefit to the bather, it just costs the pool owner more money to run, as potassium is a very expensive mineral.

A popular trend for mineral pool owners is to also equip it with a secondary sanitation device, such as the Quantum Purity. This allows pool owners to experience a higher performing pool (safer, cleaner, clearer, healthier) without the need for harsh chemicals.

The Science behind Salt Water Pools

In saltwater pools, sodium chloride (salt) is added to the water to create chlorine. Salt pools are effective at maintaining a residual of sanitiser in the water, but do not provide additional health benefits as you swim, nor do they dramatically increase water quality or stability. 

All AOP, Ozone and Freshwater/Ioniser pools also contain salt, and these sanitation devices or methods, are considered Secondary Sanitisers, often referred to as Dual Sanitation – read more about that in Theralux vs other pool systems

The process of using salt to create chlorine in a saltwater pool involves a Salt Chlorinator Cell. Through electrolysis, the water is converted to chlorine, which sanitisers the pool water. Various levels of salt will be required in a pool depending on the chlorinator manufacturer’s recommendations. Traditional salt pools use a higher level of salt to operate effectively and to ensure the salt cell will last the test of time. The disadvantage of this is that the water is left with a distinct salt taste, you usually need to shower post-swim, and added salinity in the water can damage your surrounds when backwashing occurs.

The science behind Mineral Pools

Generally speaking, a mineral pool contains a sanitiser, water-balancing chemicals, and naturally occurring minerals that enhance the swim experience and provide a whole range of other benefits. While the upfront cost of a mineral pool is slightly more, ongoing costs are significantly less than a saltwater pool because your water stays stable for longer and that means you won’t need to buy as many expensive chemicals to add to your pool. 

In terms of salt levels, the Complete Mineral Pool System uses amounts that you can’t even taste or feel. In some mineral formulas, the salt is blended into the mineral bag but at Theralux we add salt separately to the pool and only use a concentrated mineral blend, rich in magnesium and borate without any fillers. 

Our unique approach of adding salt separately, means we only offer a rich concentrated mineral blend that enhances pool water quality, stability and comfort, and actually creates a much more affordable way of owning and maintaining a mineral pool.

You can read more about using our mineral blend here.

The Theralux Difference

At Theralux, we ensure the right balance and combination of salt and minerals, meaning you save money on expensive additions to your pool. We believe that when you swim in your pool, you should rest assured that your pool is as healthy and clean as the water is sparkling and crystal-clear. We prioritise your safety and optimise your swim experience – meaning every time you swim in a Theralux pool, you know you’re looking after yourself and your family.

We’re real people passionate about mineral pools, and we’re ready to help you make the change to mineral. Get in touch to go mineral today.