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Blue Circle - Nature Inspired

Nature Inspired

Harnessing an advanced natural purification system with magnesium enriched earth minerals, Theralux is gentle to your body and the environment. An Australian designed, all-in-one pool system powered by a simple to use app.

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A Complete Mineral Pool

Designed to meet the highest quality, functionality, durability and design requirements. A Complete Mineral Pool System that feels every bit as good as it looks.

The power of these five elements make up The Complete Mineral Pool

Quantum AOP Water Purification
Magnesium Enriched Minerals
Connected Pool Via App
Advanced Filtration Technique 
Lifetime Poolcare

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How it works QP 1
#1 Purification the way nature intended

Quantum AOP Water Purification

Innovatively designed, Theralux have developed the first cost effective photocatalytic oxidiser specifically for the residential swimming pool for a toxin free swimming experience.

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#2 Water. Made irresistible

Magnesium Enriched Minerals

Experience mineral water in your own backyard. Drawing on the active cleansing properties of natural minerals, our gentle, odour-free formula nourishes the skin by actively maintaining the body’s moisture balance. Your skin feels fresh, radiant and hydrated after every swim.

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#3 Connect your pool to your lifestyle

Connected Via Pool App

With our busy lives and constantly being on the go, connecting all your pool, spa, heating equipment to one app ensures your pool is flexible with your lifestyle.

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#4 Good for you, Good for the environment

Advanced Filtration Technique

Using the latest filtration products partnered with recycled glass media allows for fine filtration down to 3 microns. Recycled Glass Media has a slight charge which allows for particles to cling to the media offering a more efficient cleansing.

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#5 We are with you for the life of your pool

Lifetime Pool Care

We understand the commitment you've made and we want you to always enjoy your pool. That's why we are always here for you, trust us and we'll stick with you for the life of your pool.


The process to create pool water at its best

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Step 1

Minerals added to pool water

Essential Earth Minerals added to the pool water.

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Step 2

Water Flows

The TVS pump recirculates mineral water through the system.

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Step 3


Water runs through the filter and the Recycled Glass Media for the removal of dust, debris and the finest of particles.

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Step 4

Water Analysis and Control

Using the WMS or pH Wireless, the system automatically controls the pH and sanitiser levels ensuring optimum water quality

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Step 5

Advanced Oxidation Process – Natural Water Purification

Water passes through the Theralux AOP system, a photocatalytic oxidiser which creates hydroxyl free radicals. This is a natural and chemical free process of destroying bacteria, body oils and producing toxin free water.


We're here to help you make the best decision

Can any pool be converted to be a natural mineral pool?

Yes, any pool can be converted. We have designed easy conversion packages to suit any situation.
Use our online calculator to find which pack is best for you.

Do I need to replace any equipment when I convert?

If all your key equipment (pump, filter and chlorinator) is working ok, we don’t have to replace anything. We just add minerals and connect any other chosen Theralux products such as the Quantum Purity and Pool+ Manager and install within your existing filtration system.

Can I convert my own pool to mineral or is best done by a professional?

The Mineral Starter pack can be done by a homeowner simply by pouring the minerals directly into the water. When a conversion pack is chosen that includes the Quantum, Chlorinator or Pool+ Manager, it will require a professional and usually takes no more than 60minutes.

What are the benefits of using the Quantum and the Minerals together?

Combining the most powerful chemical-free sanitising method, with our special blend of minerals allows you to reduce your chemical usage by up to 80% whilst also creating the cleanest, clearest and healthiest pool water.

Is there such thing as a chlorine free pool?

No, every pool as an element of chlorine or a replacement such as hydrogen peroxide. There are no exceptions to this. All Ozone, Freshwater (ionised pools), salt and mineral have an element of chlorine within them.

How much chlorine is the Theralux Complete Mineral Pool?

We use trace elements of chlorine, about the same amount that comes from drinking water.

How is the Complete Mineral Pool better for the environment than a chlorine or salt pool?

A Theralux mineral pool uses a combination of things to make it better for the environment:
- Uses less chemicals than a chlorine or salt pool
- Reduces water usage and chemical wastage
- Less consumption of chemical packaged plastics
- Minimises energy consumption

Is there a taste or smell with a Theralux pool like you'd have with a traditional salt or chlorine pool?

No smell or taste, just fresh natural mineral water, you don’t even have to shower afterwards!