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How much does a mineral pool cost?

1 December 2021

At Theralux, we believe everyone should experience the benefits of a mineral pool. Combining advanced filtration technology with a natural mineral formula, Theralux provides crystal clear water, eliminates germs, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. With prices starting from as little as $200, a mineral pool conversion package can be tailored to suit every budget.

What is the cost of a Theralux Mineral Pool Conversion?

With a range of options to suit every pool and spa budget, Theralux offers premium water quality, enhanced water hygiene, and a luxurious swim. Whatever your budget, there’s a Mineral Pool Conversion Pack to suit you. Prices range from $200-$5000, depending on the Mineral Pool Conversion Pack that’s right for you.

Additional costs are typically related to 3 core factors:

1. Do you want to enhance your pool experience? 
Our most popular add on’s include:
- Automation: Pool+ Manager is a simple to use pool automation product allowing you to control your entire pool from your phone.
- Natural Purification: Quantum Purity is our chemical free purifier allowing you to swim in water similar to drinking water
- Filtration: Upgrading your filter media to Recycled Glass Media for finer filtration
- Cleansing: Upgrading your existing chlorinator to the Digital Chlorinator Pro, for a freshwater taste and feel

2. How big is your pool? 
If you have a large volume of water, you may have to increase the quantity of minerals added and the size of the equipment.

3. Building a new pool or are you an existing owner?
If are building a new pool then you will typically require more equipment than an existing pool owner who does not need to upgrade all of their equipment.

How can I save money with Quantum AOP?

Going with a Quantum means that your mineral pool conversion will soon pay for itself. The moment you add Quantum, the efficiency of your pool operating system increases, so you immediately reduce ongoing maintenance costs. 

You’ll save on cleaning, because the Quantum prevents waterline staining and it automatically clarifies the pool water to a pristine appearance - forget spending thousands on harsh chemicals – this natural purification system will reduce chemical consumption and the need for expensive specialty clarifiers and algaecides. Also, by minimising the need for backwashing, the Quantum significantly reduces water usage costs.

How does a Mineral Conversion increase the value of my pool? 

A Theralux Mineral Pool conversion will add value to your pool and your life. Our unique formula significantly enhances the quality of your pool water, increasing the lifespan of your pool, and also offers invaluable health and wellbeing benefits.

Our advanced filtration technology combined with the active cleansing properties of natural minerals provides the healthiest and safest swimming environment for you and your loved ones, increasing water clarity and sanitation. The healthier your pool the longer it will last – a mineral pool conversion means your pool will meet the highest possible standards of quality, functionality, and durability.

With a Theralux pool, your body will love you as much as your budget. A mineral pool produces clean, sparkling water that nourishes the skin by actively maintaining the body’s moisture balance, so your skin feels fresh, radiant, and hydrated after every swim. Highly chlorinated pools can irritate sensitive skin, causing itching and dryness – a mineral pool is safe, odourless, and full of natural emollients, making it gentle on the skin. With its high magnesium content, and our special blend of Essential Earth Minerals , Theralux also relaxes and soothes the muscles, providing natural stress relief with every swim. 

With a clean, crystal-clear pool and more money in your pocket, Theralux delivers benefits you can actually feel. 

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