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Delivering Australia's Favourite Pool System

Combining advanced filtration technology with a natural mineral formula, Theralux provides the healthiest and safest swimming environment for your backyard.

Harnessing the cleansing elements found in natural mineral baths and oceans around the world, Theralux eliminates issues common in less sophisticated systems such as green water, stinging eyes and itchy skin. You will experience swimming in comfort, free from the bitter taste of salty water and the harsh chemical smell of chlorine lingering on the body long after you’ve left the water.

Theralux is also proud to be highly energy efficient, so you can enjoy a rejuvenating swim while making substantial savings on your electricity bills. Find the right Theralux system for your pool today and enjoy a luxurious swimming experience you and your family deserve.

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Theralux. More than just a pool.

Good Health.

Theralux mineral pools deliver a range of health and wellbeing benefits so you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated after every swim. The tranquil mineral water is filled with natural emollients leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth, perfect for those with sensitive skin. The filtration system eliminates germs and bacteria from your pool to provide crystal clear clarity with a clean, mild taste.

Smart Money.

Save yourself substantial money over the lifetime of your pool with Theralux’s outstanding energy efficiency. Its superior design reduces the need for expensive specialty chemicals such as clarifiers and algaecides. Also, by minimising the need for backwashing Theralux significantly reduces water usage costs.

More Efficient.

The Theralux system has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible with state-of the-art componentry. You will love the systems eco-modes and 8 star energy rated equipment that has been carefully engineered to provide optimum performance.

Eco Intelligence.

If you are conscious about saving our most precious resource, water, choosing Theralux is the right decision. It reduces the frequency of having to backwash, in-turn how often you are required to top up your pool after backwashing, saving significant literage (and time!) over the life of the system. Theralux also plays a role in reducing urban salinity, with an impressively low mineral content of 2750ppm. You will also experience the benefit cutting the usage of harsh chemicals so your pool will require less ongoing treatment.

Building a New Pool
Existing Pool Owner
Spa Conversion

Starting Theralux on a brand new pool

Building a new pool? Check out just how easy it is to create a mineral bathing destination in your own backyard. Reward your body everyday whilst caring for the health and wellbeing of your family.

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Converting an existing pool to a Theralux Advanced Mineral Pool

You are an existing pool owner and you are wanting to convert your pool into a mineral bathing oasis? The good news is that any pool can be converted to mineral with the use of Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive.

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Converting your spa to a Therlux Mineral Spa is simple and affordable

You do not need to add in additional equipment, you simply just add in the appropriate amount of Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive for Spas.

The addition of the mineral additive in your spa will give the water a soft, silky feel, whilst moisturizing your skin and conditioning your hair. Containing magnesium, it will also act as an effective muscle relaxant for any sore muscles and/or assistance in repair of muscle injury. 

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Thousands of pool owners love their Theralux Advanced Mineral Pool

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