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Blue Circle - Commercial Pack

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Essential Earth Minerals, Mineral Chlorinator-Commercial, CPR Touch XL-2S Controller- Commercial

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Essential Earth Minerals

Drawing on the active cleansing properties of natural minerals, our gentle, odour-free formula nourishes the skin by actively maintaining the body’s moisture balance. Good for your body and your pool.

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Mineral Chlorinator - Commercial

A range of advanced mineral pool systems for commercial swim centre pools.

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CPR Touch XL-2S Controller - Commercial

The CPR Touch XL-2S Controller is ideal commercial pools, where a reliable dependable compliance of water quality is required.  

Blissful Bathing - Benefits of Mineral Pool Conversion

Elixr Swim School Manager, Victoria Rich advises “the Theralux Mineral Pool was the best option for us on a number of levels since we wanted the luxury of a premium setting which would provide the most premium of water to our clients.

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