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Blue Circle - Four Factors to consider when looking for a Mineral Pool
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Four Factors to consider when looking for a Mineral Pool

19 August 2021

Deciding to build a backyard pool is an investment not just in your property, but also in your lifestyle. So, it’s worth the effort to do your research to ensure you’ll love your pool for years to come.

There are four major points that are vital to consider when seeking out a mineral pool system, to greatly impact the quality, usability and overall enjoyment of your backyard pool, ensuring a positive return on investment all year round.

Factor One: Chemical-free efficiency

While chemical-heavy cleaning systems can work to kill germs in your pool water, it comes at a price. High chemicals can damage your pool and surrounding areas, corroding areas that you will need to replace later. And, they can be harmful to your skin, hair and swimwear. Using the Theralux Quantum AOP’s 100% chemical-free purifying system allows you to have even greater efficacy, at lowered ongoing cost and no cost to the health of yourself or your pool. The system kills bacteria, removes viruses and creates superior water quality that is comparable to drinking water! Although this is especially beneficial for anyone with sensitive skin, it’s the most effective and safe option for the whole family, to get lifelong enjoyment from your backyard pool.

Factor Two: Affordable quality

When you’re researching pool cleaning systems, quite often the selling point is the cheaper initial cost. While this is true, and can be appealing, what is missing is the out-of-pocket ongoing expenses that so many systems incur over its lifetime use. There are two main areas of expense: electricity and expensive, ‘filler’ minerals. The Theralux system works hard to eliminate these expenses while still exceeding other systems in efficacy and water quality. The AOP system does not use electricity to run, giving it a high energy rating and significantly reducing monthly energy bills.

Secondly, our magnesium blend formulation does not use fillers or additives, so every part of our mineral system is working to clean your pool efficiently and naturally. Essential Earth Minerals used in the Theralux Mineral Pool costs $200 per year, while others can range from $950 to not only provide no extra benefit, but to also provide sub-quality compared to the AOP system.

Factor Three: Complete After Care

The Theralux AOP System is not a set-and-forget system. It’s all about the long-term sanitisation of your pool that lasts all year round, including added options for heating and automation. When care isn’t streamlined in terms of brands, putting together a holistic cleaning system can be very confusing, and you’re risking trying to combine incompatible items. Our system has identified all the needs of Australian pool owners and have a complete and comprehensive system to cover all bases.

Being a family-run, Australian business we have a personal and vested interest in the needs of our customers, and our carefully designed aftercare support service, Lifetime Pool Care, demonstrates that perfectly. We offer lifetime support for the care of your pool, and never put you on hold!

Factor Four: Smartphone automation

These days, you can practically run your entire life from a device. We wanted to ensure keeping your pool in perfect working order wasn’t left off that list! The Theralux Pool+ Manager system operates your pool direct from your phone, wherever you are, any time of day or night. This simple iPhone and Android compatible app controls the lighting, heating, filtration time, cleaner and spa (plus so much more) from anywhere with an internet connection. It doesn’t get more user-friendly than that.