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Theralux Vs Other Pool Systems

3 October 2021

Alternative sanitation methods for your pool AOP comparison with Ioniser, Ozone, UV

The challenge is on between big brands in combining nature and science to provide pool owners with the cleanest, safest water, free of harsh chemicals with very little ongoing maintenance. So who’s winning? We unlock everything there is to know about the Big 4 Alternative Sanitation Methods: AOP Vs Ozone Vs Ionisers Vs UV

Firstly, what do all the sanitising methods have in common?

Not often talked about, but the first thing to know is that all these Alternative Sanitation systems is that they also use what is called a ‘Primary Sanitiser’ somewhere within their system.
In Australia and New Zealand, this is often a salt/mineral chlorinator which is geared to provide a residual of chlorine in the water.

The salt/mineral chlorinator is often built within these ‘alternative sanitation’ systems but can also be modular, which would have our vote for consumer choice and ease of retro fitting. So, the big important fact to remember here is that salt and therefore chlorine, is used to some degree within all these pool systems. If it’s not salt, it might be potassium but the chemistry effect will ultimately be the same. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The second thing to know, is that AOP, Ozone, Ionisers and UV are considered ‘Secondary Sanitation’ and are all methods of sanitising (and some also oxidise) of water. Much like boiling water is a sanitising method.

Being secondary, that means these alternative methods are almost always required to be used in conjunction with a primary sanitiser/salt chlorinator. This is because they need the primary sanitiser (chlorine) to keep algae out of the water and stop cross contamination between bathers. It’s true that some secondary sanitation methods do control and limit algae growth, but because of the complexities in government ruling none them outwardly claim this.

So, you are now equipped with the important baseline understanding, lets unpack ‘secondary sanitation’ and which one is winning the important ‘natural science’ race:

Quantum Purity AOP

The latest kid on the block for natural pool sanitation. Photocatalytic AOP (advanced oxidation process) system, as it is more technically termed, is a gentle but incredibly effective way of disinfecting your swimming pool without the harsh side-effects on your body, hair and swimwear. This astounding technology has been born from converting sewerage into potable water without the use of chemicals.

It produces hydroxyl radicals, a molecule found naturally in your body’s immune system and in the earth’s atmosphere to completely neutralise undesirable contaminants.


- Does not release any toxic by-products
- Requires the least amount of pool chemicals in comparison to other systems
- The most effective sanitation method for killing bacteria or viruses
- Like no other system, it will break down body fats, urine, sweat, sunscreen deposits and oils
- Easy retro fit and can be used with existing equipment
- A true natural water purification process
- Rated as the world’s most powerful oxidiser
- Breaks down chloramines (the stuff that makes you smell of chlorine)
- Breaks down body fats, urine, sweat, sunscreen deposits and oils
- No risk of pool surface staining
- Produces extremely clear and comfortable water
- Uses only trace elements of chlorine– same level that comes from the house hold tap


- The Quantum Purity AOP requires the use of miniscule amounts of chlorine. This chlorine is equivalent to the same amount found in your drinking water and is not harmful nor noticeable by swimmers.


AOP systems can’t kill pool nasties through such a gentle, chemical free process. This is false, as they are proven to keep pool water cleaner, healthier, with much less maintenance and far less need for harsh chemicals.

Ioniser Pool Systems (Marketed as: Freshwater)

The Ioniser system often referred to a Freshwater Pool system, purifies water by releasing positively charged copper and silver metal ions to clean out bacteria and algae. It is not an oxidizer and therefore these pools commonly use a chlorine generator (salt chlorinator) to assist. They are not chlorine free pool systems, as they often perceive themselves to be.


- Copper is a good algaecide
- Silver is known as a bacteria remover but neither product will destroy organic matter e.g oils and dirt entering into the water etc
- Comfortable water
- Low chlorine level


- Increased risk of pool surface staining as it uses metals which can come out of solution
- Increase risk of organic staining e.g leaf staining on pool surface
- Increased risk of discoloured water:
       Green = copper coming out of solution
       Grey or Purple = silver coming out of solution

- Does not cope with heavy bather loads – the water can turn green easily
- Always requires a form of oxidisation to be effective e.g chlorine, ozone etc
- Requires higher than average pool maintenance in keeping pool water balanced
- Does not kill all bacteria or viruses e.g does not remove the common cold or flu from the water
- Does not break down body fats, urine, sweat, sunscreen deposits and oils.

Ozone Pool Systems

Ozone is considered safer than a traditional chlorine pool, is effective at killing bacteria (a limited type and amount) in the water and destroying contaminants. Ozone is generated in the pool filter room and uses a residual of chlorine in the water to kill off other contaminants it is not effective against. Often a salt chlorinator is equipped within an Ozone unit, to provide this chlorine generation.


- Good oxidiser
- Efficient sanitiser
- Low chlorine level


- Releases a negative by-product ‘Ozone Gas’ that can be harmful to humans
- Has a risk of pool surface staining and corrosion
- Does not kill all bacteria or viruses e.g does not remove the common cold or flu from the water
- Does not break down body fats, urine, sweat, sunscreen deposits and oils in water


It is a misunderstanding that ozone gas in the ozone layer sterilises the earth’s atmosphere. In fact 85% of the sterilisation effect is actually a result of UV rays from the sun creating Hydroxyl Radicals on the surface of clouds.


UV lamps are installed in-line just after your pools existing filtration system. They use UV light rays to sanitise water, air and surfaces that may be contaminated removing viruses and bacteria. It is important to note that UV lamps only sterilise water and do not oxidise.


- Kills microorganisms
- Breaks down chloramines
- Leaves no harmful by-products
- No risk of pool surface staining


- UV does not oxidise
- Acts as a secondary sanitiser only (you will need additional chemicals like chlorine or bromine)

All Secondary Sanitation methods have there place and you need to choose what is right for you and your family. However, if want to lean into the latest technology that is leading the natural science race, we believe it’s clear that Photocatalytic AOP is topping the charts for efficacy, clarity of water and ongoing maintenance. At Theralux, we have combined this technology with our Essential Earth Minerals and other unique filtration methods to create the purest Natural Mineral Pool for any backyard swimming pool.

A comparison between different pool sanitation systems

Comparison Guide Theralux Active™ QP Ozone UV Ionisers
Exceeds the effects of boiling water Yes
Destroys all known viruses, bacteria and pathogens Yes
Uses AOP Photocatalytic Oxidisation (The world's strongest oxidiser) Yes
Allows chlorine levels to be drinking water or less Yes Yes
Releases toxin free water Yes Yes
Makes water sparkle like diamonds with Photocatalytic Oxidisation Yes
Breaks down body fats, urine, sweat, sunscreen deposits on pool surface Yes
Helps prevent build-up of scum line deposits on pool surface Yes
Prevents eye and skin irritations Yes Yes Yes Yes
No risk of pool surface and equipment straining or corrosion  Yes Yes Yes
Easy to retro fit (once device full assembled) Yes