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Blue Circle - How mineral pool systems are better for the planet
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How mineral pool systems are better for the planet

3 June 2021

It’s impossible to ignore that every decision we make is having an effect on the planet, and there are choices we can make that decide if our footprint is positive or not. Opting for a mineral pool system has many positives, including being gentler on Mother Nature.

Low sodium, lower impact.

Compared to salt and chlorine pools, our mineral pool sanitation system has much less reliance on sodium – renowned for corrosive nature – meaning it reduces urban salinity and prolongs the life of your pool accessories and products, which in turn lowers your household waste and replacement costs on these items.

Mineral pools mimic nature

Mineral pools, when combined with an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) will create hydroxyl free radicals, meaning it will eliminate harmful contaminants in your pool water. Rather than the somewhat common practice of combining UV and Ozone systems to produce these radicals, Theralux's AOP system is an all in one hydroxyl-based system meaning easier installation, maintenance and does not produce toxic gases such as ozone gas.

Drinking water quality levels

The high use of chlorine in traditional pool systems does not need to be administered with a Theralux Complete Mineral Pool. This means less impact on urban environments and swimmers.

Reduce Water and Chemical wastage

Due to the increased cleanliness and effectiveness of mineral pools combined with AOP, chemical and water wastage problems can be a thing of the past. Not only does this benefit the environment, but also your wallet.

Less Consumption and Packaged Plastics

This means less trips to the pool shop, less consumption, lowered overall costs and, most importantly, less use of single-use packaged plastics.

Surface savers

Mineral system pools can ensure your pool is kept cleaner, for longer, without environmentally harmful chemicals and with relatively little effort. Mineral ions are widely thought to be the most effective method of not just helping to kill bacteria and algae, but to discourage it from developing at all, in a more natural, gentle way. They also have no bleaching effect so they don’t damage the pool’s surface.