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Blue Circle - Do I need to worry about virus contamination in my pool water?
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Do I need to worry about virus contamination in my pool water?

9 June 2021

It is safe to say we are in uncharted waters as the rise of COVID-19 becomes more applicable to our everyday lives. The focus on heightened sanitation is palpable. As knowledge of Coronavirus is in its infancy, the rule seems to be; be as hygienic as possible in all areas of life, including your pool.

Dr Lisa Sedger from the School of Life Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney revealed that contracting COVID-19 while in a well kept swimming pool was highly unlikely. She says,‘...the virus would be quite diluted in a swimming pool. You’d have to drink a lot of swimming pool water to get the virus.’

We would like to be clear that although our Quantum Purity AOP system and other sanitation products are incredibly effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria, we in no way promote that they can stop the transference of coronavirus. However, the advice from Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has stated,

‘There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19’.

What this means is, the very best thing you can do to protect your friends and family is to ensure that you maintain the cleaning of your pool water with regular maintenance and an effective primary sanitation system. In fact, swimming in your pool is an activity you can have a little more confidence in enjoying.

Clean pools are safe spaces

Although water can seem like it should be a breeding ground for viral bacteria, swimming pools that are well maintained with a quality sanitation system, actually work to dissuade this strain of virus to transmit and grow, and are currently not known to be a space of concern for transmittance of COVID-19.

The most recent direction from national health departments in affected countries, who have investigated the virus in relation to swimming pools, have believed that the effective reduction of viral contamination in pools is due to properly maintained pools with a quality sanitation system(s). The most popular form of pool sanitation system in Australia is salt water, which converts salt to chlorine.

How to keep your pool the cleanest it can be

The key to ensuring your pool is in tip top shape, is to keep up regular maintenance and opt for a cleaning / sanitation system that is high in efficacy while being gentle to you, your family, your pool and its surrounding area. You don’t need to douse your pool in high chemical solutions to retain the level of hygiene required to keep your pool a safe space to be during this time.

Quantum Purity AOP – Rated the world’s most powerful pool water sanitiser

The Theralux Quantum Purity AOP is the only pool technology that will instantly destroy all known viruses, bacteria and pathogens. The AOP system is installed as a secondary sanitation solution, requiring no removal or change to your current pool sanitation system e.g salt chlorinator.

It’s benefits include:

  • Pure, fresh natural water; rated the world’s number one chemical-free pool water purifier.
  • It is the only pool system to instantly destroy (tested) viruses, bacteria and pathogens.
  • The only pool system to destroy urine, sweat and sunscreen deposits.
  • It is good for you and the environment, thanks to the chemical-free process used to eliminate all bacteria.
  • Gentle on skin and eyes.
  • Wellbeing benefits when combined with our Magnesium rich mineral blend.
  • Can be installed in under 60 minutes.
  • Reduces monthly chemical costs and decreases ongoing maintenance saving you money.

You should also ensure that you are keeping up with your pool maintenance schedule and keep up with the personal hygiene guidelines when in contact with any communally used areas around your pool.