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Blue Circle - Matt Leacy on Mineral Pools. One of Australia’s favourite landscapers talks Minerals.
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Matt Leacy on Mineral Pools. One of Australia’s favourite landscapers talks Minerals.

27 May 2021

Matt Leacy from Landart Landscapes swears by the positive benefits of a Mineral Pool Filtration System, believing it’s a valuable investment for any outdoor refreshment zone.

Why Mineral? Magnesium is used in mineral pools and is a vital mineral that is required by every major organ in the body, providing essential B and D vitamins, which are needed to maintain good health.

"Magnesium sanitises your pool water keeping it crystal clear and your skin feeling so much better than it would from any other pool,” - Matt Leacy, co-founder and owner, Landart Landscapes.

“The health benefits of Magnesium have been well documented for centuries. The addition of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) to baths and spas is a common therapeutic practice that I am sure many of us could relate too.”

There have been a number of scientific studies around the use of Magnesium chloride that have recorded the effects this composition has on the human body. Those studies suggest that when bathing in magnesium enriched water, magnesium will be absorbed through the skin (transdermal magnesium therapy) and in some cases can offer the bather some of the following benefits:

• Soothe the skin, allowing those with sensitive skin to enjoy a swim

• Detoxify the skin and body, by way of relaxing the nervous system. (Perfect for those facing anxiety and stress in their day to day lives)

• Softens and smooths the water whilst enhancing the bathing experience

Matt adds, “We took on the new system for our pool design and installation services and I was so sold on it. I’ve just installed it at home. The health benefits of magnesium are great, and it also makes the water a lot softer on skin and hair which is particularly great for kids. My daughter suffers from eczema so I wanted to try something different to the saltwater system we had and we have noticed a difference. The mineral system still sanitisers the pool and I haven’t had to add any chlorine since I put it in at the start of summer.”

To reduce muscle tension/fatigue people have been bathing in Epsom salts (magnesium) for years so why not have it in your pool.

Mineral filtrated pools provide users with numerous benefits, both externally and internally. Matt Leacy believes “I am not trained in water chemistry but this is the nicest pool water I have ever swum in and it’s cut down on my maintenance. It’s the way of the future for outdoor and indoor pools,” recommending the system as a preferred filtration source for Landart Landscape pools.

“When you consider building or renovating your pool it is essential that you consider all options including the type of water you want your family to swim in. If you’re planning to build a new pool or simply renovate your old one then why not consider mineral sanitisation as a viable option to complete your backyard oasis,” adds Matt Leacy.

“Magnesium Filtration Systems are also very simple, cost effective and easy to maintain and installing a mineral filtration system doesn’t cost any more than a normal filtration system” says Matt.

With all of these positive benefits, why not swim your way to good health?