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Blue Circle - The Best Heat Pump for Year Round Use of your Pool
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The Best Heat Pump for Year Round Use of your Pool

30 April 2021

In these cooler months, without a quality, reliable heat pump in our pools, they are at risk of not being used for three quarters of the year. Having a pool is a real investment, and you get greater value for money if your pool can be used consistently.

However, when you’re looking for a heat pump for an existing backyard pool or one you’re building, you’ll notice that not all heat pumps are made equal. From those that are more expensive to run, to those that don’t run as consistently effective, there are plenty of pros and cons. So, we wanted to provide you with the best heat pump that will save you money in the long run, and offer the best year round comfortable water temperature for your pool: the Inverter Series heat pumps.

What is a Inverter Heat Pump?

The Inverter Technology of these heat pumps is second-to-none innovation to combine efficiency, efficacy and cost effectiveness in one heating solution. With the use of a variable speed compressor, the heat pump adjusts to your desired temperature, decreasing power consumption (and energy bills!). Over a year, the heat pump has shown to result in up to 15%-30% drop in energy costs (in comparison to heat pumps without our Inverter Technology), with an ability to set and maintain temperatures, all while operating silently.

What are the benefits?

If saving money on your energy bill isn’t enough of a benefit, there are plenty more positives to having a heat pump. Pool heating solutions come with varying pros and cons; this depends on the design of your pool, where you live, the convenience levels you are after and how much money and time you would want to spend on maintenance.

For example, solar heating can be energy efficient, however they are heavily reliant on climate and can be ineffective when there is heavy cloud coverage. Whereas the Inverter Heat Pump retains consistent pool water temperatures despite the external elements, and doesn’t require pre-existing connectors like gas pumps (that also chew up a lot of energy).

It is also designed in Australia for Australian conditions and comes in a range of sizes to suit a variety of swimming pool volumes. The Inverter Series of Heat Pumps are all WiFi enabled as standard allowing you to monitor and control your pools’ heating from your smartphone (Android and iOS) or tablet.

Can I package a heat pump with my cleaning system?

Yes! For anyone considering opting in for a heat pump system, we are offering a Heating + AOP Water Purification + Minerals with our Heat & Purity Package.

The package includes:

● Energy Efficient Pool Heating

● AOP Water Purification to remove known viruses and bacteria

●  Essential Earth Minerals infused with magnesium

The combination of these high quality pool cleaning and heating options will ensure your pool is set up to save you money over time, significantly reduce maintenance costs and time and have a pool that you can enjoy all year round, safely and comfortably.