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Theratherm Heatpump


Heat Pumps utilise the warmth in the air to heat your swimming pool water and this is now the most efficient form of responsive pool heating.

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, Theratherm Heat Pumps come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of pool volumes.

Available in 9.5kw, 13.5kw, 18.5kw and 25kw

Harnessing the warmth of nature, Theratherm Heat Pumps are highly economical and environmentally friendly. They can be used and installed on any swimming pool to provide heating all year round. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Provides heating at ambient temperatures of -7 Degrees Celsius and above.
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • ABS corrosion resistant housing.
  • Horizontal compact design reducing space usage.
  • Long life Titanium condenser Automatic defrost functionality.
  • Durable Scroll Compressor (rotary on smaller kw unit).
  • Thermal Expansion Valve for greater efficiency.
  • Simple control panel allows you to set your desired water temperature and enjoy quiet operation.
  • 10 metre extension cord allowing you to install the control panel externally in your alfresco or entertaining area.
  • Hydrophilic coating on heat entrapment device preventing corrosion.
  • Highly efficient operation.
  • Coaxial corrugated copper tubing allows for improved airflow transfer & efficiency
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Featuring an innovative digital control panel, Theratherm offers warm swimming at the touch of a button. Simply select the desired temperature and let Theratherm do the rest. As it’s fully detachable, the control panel can also be mounted externally. Now you can adjust the temperature of your pool while relaxing in your outdoor area. 

Theratherm Heat Pumps are just as compact as they are convenient. Featuring an innovative horizontal design and corrosion-resistant ABS housing, Theratherm takes up much less space than traditional pumps while offering an extended operational life. 

The Theratherm range is also whisper quiet. Operating as low as 49 decibels from a distance of 1 metre, the range is as inaudible as a high-end household dishwasher. 

For best results, use Theratherm in conjunction with the entire Theralux system and experience the luxury of warm natural mineral bathing in your backyard.


9.5kw: 1030x335x560 mm     13.5/18.5kw: 1065x360x775 mm     25kw: 1113x410x920 mm


7 years on compressor

7 years on titanium heat exchanger

2 years on all other parts

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