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Blue Circle - Pool Design and Construction Process

Pool Design and Construction Process

13 January 2021

Getting a new pool? We've outlined the design and construction process for you.

Swimming Pool Design Process

Stage 1. Research. Research a group of experienced pool builders to discuss your dream pool. A great place to start is by checking out your local Pool and Spa Association or  check our dealer locator for an authorised Theralux Dealer.

Stage 2. Onsite Visit. Receive a face to face consultation with a builder to assess your requirements. You will be discussing design, styles and budget so be prepared with all your ideas to share! Using sites like pinterest or Houzz is a fantastic way to narrow down what look and feel you are after.

Stage 3. Pool Concept. Receive your first pool plans and drawings.

Stage 4. Fine Tuning.

  • A second onsite meeting should occur to present a more detailed proposal. The builder will present design amendments, water sanitation options, fixtures and fittings, recommendations and other equipment. Don’t forget that the most important thing is the water! That’s what you will be putting your family into so make sure you get what is best for you!
  • Any further revisions should also now take place to ensure complete understanding and satisfaction of what is to be delivered.

Stage 5. Contract. Sign your pool contract and pay deposit. Make sure you are clear about the progress payments and when they are due.

Stage 6. Engineering. Your builder should then provide you with all the information about the specifics of your pool getting built to ensure sound construction and compliance. Typically this is included within the cost but it’s always worth checking!

Stage 7. Council Approval. Let the experts do it! One of the reasons for contracting a pool builder is so they can deal with the Council. They will submit plans, documentation and manage the entire process for you.

Stage 8. Build Time! 

Building your Pool 

1. Mark out of your pool.
Supervisor comes to site and marks out exactly where your new pool will be located.

2. Excavation
We recommend you sticking around to keep an eye on this process.

3. Steel Fixing and Form Work
Steel fixers will attend site to tie, cut and install bars that will reinforce the concrete.

4. Pre-Plumb
Placing in all plumbing provisions that go through the concrete such as water features, heating provisions, return and suction lines etc.

5. Concrete Pour
Your pool will now really start to be taking shape! A curing process of approximately 2 weeks is required for the concrete to settle / absorb moisture.

6. Tiling and Paving
The aesthetics are really coming to life now with all copings, surrounds and water features being laid down.

7. Equipment
Typically, the pool plumber will return to site and install your chosen sanitation and filtration equipment hopefully you have the Theralux Advanced Mineral Pool System!

8. Fencing
Time for fence installation and following this, the builder will bring in the local fence certifier. The fee of this is sometimes incorporated into the contract but it’s worth discussing this during contract stage. Key pool safety requirements are different in every state so its worth checking in with your states regulator.
We have a quick reference guide for you here:

9. Interior and Lining
This is the moment where everything starts to come together. Your chosen pool interior will now be applied.

10. Pool Start-Up
This includes the pools final clean and water balancing.

11. Handover Time 
This is one of the more exciting meetings you will attend! You will now be taken through your families brand new investment. It’s important that anyone who will look after the pool is at this meeting, as you will learn how to maintain and operate your swimming pool.

12. JUMP IN!