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Blue Circle - Why you'll never look back after installing AOP
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Why you'll never look back after installing AOP

7 February 2021

Better for you, cost effective and highly effective.

Highly effective

Theralux’s Quantum Purity is a photocatalytic AOP system that is incredibly effective and can even clean your pool up to three times more than heavy chlorination can. The aggressive hydroxyl radicals generated through the pool AOP system works to disintegrate pollutants and contaminants in a way that no other molecule can. It is one of the most hard working molecules, second only to fluoride, for its ability to attack bacteria, bugs and other nasties without the use of harsh chemicals.

Safe and gentle

The technology contained in the Quantum Purity AOP system has long been used as a water sanitising solution, including for drinking water. While it has high efficacy, it is still very gentle and safe and won’t damage your skin, your swimwear, your pool or surrounding areas.

However, it’s not just the chlorine itself that can cause damage; chloramines (causing that chlorine smell), created by a combination of chlorine and organic contaminants such as urine and sweat etc. can cause a lot of negative side-effects such as sore throat, dry eyes, porous hair, sickness and pool corrosion. The Quantum Purity AOP system not only mitigates the opportunity for this to grow, but is also able to kill it if it does.

Fast-acting and long lasting

Despite its gentle formulation, the Quantum Purity AOP releases the very aggressive hydroxyl radicals instantly. It takes just milliseconds for the molecule to oxidise pollutants. This process can take its counterpart chlorine, hours. Hydroxyl radicals can also reach and kill even more contaminants, bugs and bacteria than chlorine.

It won’t ruin your pool

Quantum Purity AOP mineral pools are easier to maintain and won’t make the surface or water line of your pool, surrounding areas or pool accessories as prone to corrosion or staining as high chemical cleaning systems can. This means you can maintain the quality of your pool water without sacrificing the pool itself (and your financial investment of the pool).

Better for you

Mineral pools in general, but particularly those featuring photocatalytic AOP, are a better option for all people. But, they are especially so for those who suffer from skin irritations and allergies. Water quality is far superior in AOP treated mineral pools which creates a significantly low-risk environment for sensitive skin.

Cost effective in the long run

Some mineral pool systems already have long-term reduced costs compared to chlorinated alternatives. Thanks to AOP systems, the ongoing monthly costs are lowered even more with the reduced chemical usage and the ease of perfectly balanced water.

The facts are clear, photocatalytic AOP systems represent the pinnacle in pool and spa water purification. It is the most powerful, simplest and safest technology on the market.

If you act quickly, you could save even more and make the most of the special promotion offering FREE installation of our Quantum Purity Photocatalytic AOP system (compatible with ANY pool!).