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The maintenance of a Mineral Pool

When you invest in a pool, you’re also promising to keep it in consistent good condition. This is to ensure you avoid unnecessary costs down the line with repairs and water quality restoration, and to keep everyone who enjoys it happy. Choosing the right sanitation system is fundamental to this as it will have the largest impact on determining your effort v. reward.

Mineral pools are now a very common choice for pool owners and are often sought after to avoid the amount of time and effort traditionally required by pool owners. However, some mineral pool owners are left disappointed because their mineral brand of choice doesn’t provide consistent pristine water quality with the promised reduced effort.

By choosing your mineral pool wisely, the maintenance requirements are significantly less both in the short and long-term compared to their high-chemical counterparts and other alternative pool systems. It’s no surprise, then, that we are regularly asked by consumers, Will a Theralux Active™ Complete Mineral Pool reduce maintenance time and keep our costs down?

We have given careful consideration to this particular frustration felt by pool owners and resolve it by using the following innovative techniques within our Complete Mineral Pool system. With the adoption of this system, we will have your pool in perfect condition year-round.

Natural Water Purification - Quantum Purity - Photocatalytic Oxidisation (AOP)

The Theralux Active™ Quantum Purity AOP equips pool owners with the world’s most powerful technology to naturally remove anything that could harm the health of the water. This water purifying device is your single best choice in keeping pool maintenance down to an absolute minimum.

AOP pool sanitation is highly effective and works up to three times harder to clean your pool than heavy chlorination. The Quantum Purity’s aggressive hydroxyl radicals work to disintegrate contaminants with more efficiency and veracity than any other sanitation system, attacking bacteria, bugs and nasties and using a safer and gentler alternative to harsh chemicals.

Due to this, Theralux Active™ Complete Mineral Pools gives pool owners natural mineral water that is stable, making it far easier to maintain both in the short and long term and won’t damage the surrounding areas and accessories of your pool that are prone to corrosion and staining. Using this device allows your pool to become less problematic and much safer to use for you and your family.

We are proud to say that no other swimming pool sanitation system is able to come close to the benefits of the Theralux Active™ Quantum Purity in taking the fuss out of owning a pool and keeping pool water sparkling clean all year round.

Natural Electrostatic Filtration - Recycled Glass Filter Media

The Theralux Active™ recycled Glass Filter Media that features within the Complete Mineral Pool provides fine porosity filtration, eliminating the tiniest of particles in your pool water. The mineral systems ability to filter down to finer microns in comparison to traditional pool filtration methods, gives pool owners the best possible chance of capturing and holding any debris that would otherwise cause the water to turn cloudy or green.

As well as this, the Theralux Active™ Recycled Glass Filter Media makes use of a naturally occurring electrostatic charge (that cannot be felt by swimmers) within the system. The system orchestrates a pulling effect to negatively charge particles in the water, so they can be quickly navigated to the filter and trapped (debris like leaves and dirt are negatively charged and the Recycled Glass Media is positively charged). This is just another great feature working within the entire Theralux Active Complete Mineral Pool system to create the best possible pool water with the least amount of work.

In built flocculation - Essential Earth Minerals

The use of Theralux Active™ Essential Earth Minerals, provides pool owners with water that has inbuilt floccing capabilities to help filter out extremely fine material such as dust and dirt, providing a crystal clear swimming pool all year round. To achieve the same thing in a chlorine, salt, ozone or ionised pool you would have to travel down to your local shop, purchase an expensive clarifier or flocculant and manually add to the pool water.

Adjusting the water flow - TVS Pump

While investigating swimming pool pumps, you’ve probably discovered that it is quite an expensive part of the process to keep your pool in great shape. Because of this, you want to ensure you get your choice right with a pump that will be a long-term, reliable solution. Within the Complete Mineral Pool system, we use our market leading Variable Speed Pump for optimal maintenance of your mineral pool. Historically, most pools were plumbed with a single speed pump, meaning they run on maximum speed, using 100% of its capacity, consistently (and chewing up your power bill). A True Variable Speed Pump, on the other hand, adjusts filtration speed to run longer and slower (in line with how filters naturally want to run), ensuring superior filtration with longer periods of sanitation, greater efficacy and lower power costs long-term.

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