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Our Poolware Range

Crafted for performance

Designed to meet the highest quality, functionality, durability and design requirements, the Poolware range provides performance that every pool deserves.

View our superior Poolware range, providing performance that every pool deserves.

Theralux Active Poolware Range
Product Images TH_Heat Pro_Vertical

Heat Pro Inverter Series - Vertical


By using the warmth in the air, pool heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat your pool.

Product Images TH_LED Multicolour_Fibreglass

LED Lights Multicolour - Fibreglass


Premium underwater LED pool lights. Your night time pool made beautiful.

Product Images TH_LED Multicolour_Concrete

LED Lights Multicolour - Concrete


Premium underwater LED pool lights. Your nighttime pool made beautiful.

Product Images TH_Mineral Test Strips Bottle

Mineral Test Strips


Designed for you to easily test and read the strength of your minerals in your pool or spa.

Product Images TH_Quantum Double 2022

Quantum Purity


Exclusive signature innovation. The world’s most powerful, environmentally sustainable, and chemical-free pool water purifier.

Product Images TH_Commercial

Mineral Chlorinator - Commercial


A range of advanced mineral pool systems for commercial swim centre pools.

Product Images TH_CPR Controller

CPR Touch XL-2S Controller - Commercial


The CPR Touch XL-2S Controller is ideal commercial pools, where a reliable dependable compliance of water quality is required.  

Product Images TH_Semi Commercial1

Mineral Chlorinator - Semi Commercial


Advanced mineral pool system for semi commercial pools e.g learn to swim centres, hotels and motels

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Commercial Pool Owners

Packages TH-Top up my Minerals

Top Up My Minerals

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Lifetime Pool Care

With any purchase, you access industry leading after-sales pool service with our exclusive customer support program for the life of your pool.

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Testimonials 01 / 03

I'm so happy!

Taz Williams
Star Filled Star Filled Star Filled Star Filled Star Filled

We've just converted our pool to the Theralux Mineral System. I'm so happy! Now we have made the move I can't imagine why anyone would want to do anything else. It's so much softer on your skin and makes the water feel so much nicer to swim in.


Water feels amazing

Fiona Pogson
Star Filled Star Filled Star Filled Star Filled Star Filled

Fantastic! Can't believe the difference the Theralux Mineral System has made to our pool. Water feels amazing & kids no longer have sore eyes after swimming.


Does an awesome job

Andrew B Hazon
Star Filled Star Filled Star Filled Star Filled Star Filled
Great easy to use system that does an awesome job
Not to mention how good you feel after every swim
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