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New Pools

Water Balance Paremters

Building a new pool?

Theralux will be your family's new personal sanctuary. You will feel the difference in every swim and have confidence in the health of the water. Best of all it is simple to start-up and maintain.


Once your Theralux System has been installed by your pool builder, simply fill your pool with water, test and balance your water, checking that all basic parameters are within range. See Standard Parameters table below.

The energy efficient Therachlor chlorinator needs to run at a TDS of at least 4000ppm or above. The most efficient and economical method of raising TDS is using sodium.


Once you are within the parameters and you have the correct TDS levels maintained, simply add in 6kg per 10,000 litres of Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive and top up the minerals every 5 to 6 months using 3kg per 10,000 litres. You can also check for the mineral strength in your water by using the Theralux Mineral Test Strips. It's that simple.

Water Balance Parameters

Maintaining your Theralux Mineral Pool and topping up with minerals

Maintaining your Theralux Mineral Pool is as simple and cost effective as it gets. By separating the minerals into its own concentrated formula, it allows Theralux to be the least complicated and most economical mineral pool option on the market. Simply test and balance your pool, maintaining all your basic parameters (Total Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, pH, Cyanuric Acid and Calcium Hardness) and ensure a TDS level of at least 4000ppm. We suggest you take a sample of your water into your local pool shop once a month.

Option 1: Top up your pool with Theralux Mineral Additive every 5 to 6 months using 3kg per 10,000Litres.


Option 2: Use the Theralux Mineral Test Strip to get instant result telling you when you need to top up your Theralux pool with minerals.

Theracare Startup Packages Available!

Have you seen our Theracare Startup Package? It is a must have for all new Pool owners. The packs include all your essential startup chemicals, equipment, a robotic pool cleaner, mineral additive discounts and more!

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