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Blue Circle - What are the magic wonders and health benefits of mineral water pools
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What are the magic wonders and health benefits of mineral water pools

6 September 2020

For thousands of years, the benefits of submerging in mineral-dense bodies of water have been widely believed and documented. Across Europe, mineral baths are popular tourist-hubs for people looking to enjoy their many benefits. But, you don’t need to fly to far flung places to enjoy the proven health outcomes of swimming in mineral-rich water. In fact, you can have it in your backyard with a Theraulx Active™ Complete Mineral Pool.

To say ‘health benefits’ is great, but what exactly are these benefits? Well, we’re glad you asked. If you currently have a pool and are looking to convert to a mineral pool, or are in the process of building one, there are a number of ways your health can benefit from swimming in a mineral pool.

Relaxes your mind and body

One of the main benefits associated with delving into mineral pools is the relaxation your mind and body experience, almost instantaneously. Over time, it can help you maintain a more relaxed demeanour even while out of the pool. The transdermal absorption (through the skin) of the minerals as you swim can even lower blood pressure. This can also allow the nervous system to calm the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Repairs nerve and muscle function

Spending time in a mineral-dense pool has been shown to strengthen bone density (by aiding in better absorption of calcium to the body), boost immunity and regulate sugar levels. In a lot of instances, these ailments are related to lifestyle choices that are degenerative to the body’s function; including the healing power of mineral pools into your health treatment can greatly improve its efficacy and offer a faster route back to good health.

Increases skin elasticity and hair health

Good health doesn’t just show up on the inside… Swimming in mineral pools is often associated with improved aesthetics, allowing the skin to press pause on premature ageing. Minerals improve the skin’s elasticity and injects moisture back into dry or drying skin (the opposite of what chlorine-heavy pools have historically done to our skin). This leaves our skin feeling soft and silky, while also slowing down the advent of wrinkles.

Magnesium is also responsible for improving the strength of our hair follicles, stopping hair loss and breakage while also improving its natural sheen.

Soothe skin conditions

Mineral pools can also help with the healing of skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis. There are even anecdotal reports that swimming in a mineral pool can solely cure mild to moderate instances of these conditions, without the help of other medications or topical steroids. Minerals are reparative, as opposed to degenerative and drying, when it comes to our skin’s reaction to it. The silky feeling you have when you get out of a mineral pool is not just a film on top of the skin that goes away, it’s penetrative and repairs as you swim, and continues when you’re out of the pool.

Improves energy levels and helps with sleep

Taking a dip in a mineral pool when you’re lethargic can immediately increase your energy levels as it aids in the circulation of blood to your heart, muscles and brain. It’s healthier and more effective for boosting energy than downing several cups of coffee, and won’t interrupt your sleep patterns. Minerals work to keep you at a healthy level of energy; if you’re low it will bring you up to that level, if you are elevated, it will settle you down to that level. This ensures you have enough energy to get you through your day, and enough relaxation to help zone you out to achieve adequate sleep.