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Blue Circle - Using chlorine with a Quantum AOP system?
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Using chlorine with a Quantum AOP system?

14 February 2021

Summer is only a few weeks away and long hot days spent soaking in your backyard pool (away from the beach crowds!) are close. But it’s also time to start thinking about your swimming pool water purifying system.

If you already have a mineral pool, building a new pool or are seriously considering opting for a mineral pool conversion, you’ve probably come across the Advanced Oxidation Process – a gentler, healthier pool sanitising system.

When deciding on what method to choose for your pool sanitisation system you might come across the following methods:

  • Salt/chlorine (Primary Sanitation)
  • Ioniser (Secondary Sanitation)
  • Ozone (Secondary Sanitation)

In choosing one of the above systems, you will quickly learn that you will need to comprimise on something such as higher chlorine levels, higher potential for pool surface stains, no guarantee for protection against bacteria and the on-going monthly costs to keep it running.

We’ve been using the above methods for over 100+ years, so understand the differences in quality, cost and sanitisation. This is why we have introduced the Theralux Quantum Purity AOP system. There is a very long list of benefits that come with Theralux’s Quantum Purity Photocatalytic AOP; high efficacy, safe and gentle, fast-acting and better for you and your pool thanks to its low chemical formulation. The device purifies water naturally through a process called photocatalytic AOP.

This premier technology has been stamped by scientists as ‘natures silver bullet’ and is the first cost effective photocatalytic AOP specifically for the swimming pool industry.

But, do you still need to use chlorine with the Theralux Quantum Purity AOP system? It’s a question we get asked a lot and the answer is: yes, but very very little.

The Theralux Quantum Purity AOP uses very small trace amounts of chlorine; however, the levels are low enough to be akin to drinking water and they do not retain the harsh side-effects highly chlorinated water does. This means that you no longer have to compromise on any of the other side effects that the alternative and older style of sanitisers offer. The photocatalytic AOP system instead produces hydroxyl radicals via a combination of chemical free treatment processes, destroying and removing organic materials, bacteria, body fats and oils from your pool water without the heavy use of chemicals or chlorine. This chemical free process is removing the need for what chlorine is traditionally used for.

So what is the chlorine used for?

The very small trace amounts that is within the water, is simply there to keep algae from growing and removes the potential for bacteria to be spread in water, prior to entering into the Theralux Quantum Purity.

Our AOP system is hard working and can clean your pool up to three times more effectively than heavily chlorinated options, even though it remains the most gentle option for your skin, eyes and retaining the condition of your pool.

Hydroxyl-based AOP pool systems don’t generate chlorine, so the constant irritation to skin, swimwear and hair, as well as the eventual corrosion of your pool, do not become factors.

If you want to learn more about our photocatalytic AOP systems or have more questions on why a mineral pool might be for you, contact us today!