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Blue Circle - Top nine things to do for a stay-cation this summer

Top nine things to do for a stay-cation this summer

4 July 2021

It might feel a little sad to see our passports gathering dust as any long-haul travel continues to be a non-option. But we are also extremely lucky to live in a country that offers an abundance of summer fun literally in our own backyard. With a summer stay-cation in lieu of a jetsetting vacation this season, we’re determined to make the most of the Aussie backyard fun. Here are our 9 top activities that we’ll be ticking off the list.

1. Backyard BBQ

There are few things more enjoyable than having your friends and family join you in the breaking of (sausage in) bread; chilling around the pool in the daylight and hanging around the fire pit as the sun goes down. With the 20 person rule for domestic gatherings now in play, it’s more than enough to gather everyone together after a trying year and play a game of backyard cricket or pool basketball.

2. Bring the vacay to your mainstay

If you can’t head poolside at a tropical resort, create a tropical resort at your own pool! Clear the deck of winter’s dust and set up your pool to rival even the fanciest of hotels. Find some comfy deck chairs, pop on some summertime tunes, grab a good book and maybe treat yourself to a poolside cocktail. You can enjoy all of this while reaping the health and skin benefits of swimming in a 100% Earth Minerals based system at home.

3. Appreciate close-to-home nature

We often forget that some of the most natural beauty is just a few steps from our own doors. Even if you don’t have a huge amount of greenery in your actual backyard, your neighbourhood will have parks, community BBQs and even outdoor exercise groups that have been given the green light to recommence. What better way to start your day than an early morning yoga session in the great outdoors, or taking an afternoon bushwalk to reset the soul.

4. Take back the bar

It’s been a good long time since we could say ‘see you at the bar!’. But with restrictions lifting along with sensible social distancing and tracking processes in place, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be taking back our right to cheers. Having a cold beverage in the company of your favourite people on a balmy Sunday afternoon is the epitome of the Australian summer.

5. Make a morning swim a priority

There are incredible health benefits to regular swimming sessions, and it’s the perfect way to start the day invigorated. Take advantage of the warm summer mornings, plus not having to rush out for a tourist jaunt or jetlagged kids, and give yourself an energetic yet calming activity to kickstart your day.

6. Hit the beach for fish and chips

You don’t have to be doing epic activities to experience the joy of summer. Being close to water is a known de-stresser, so pair the sound of crashing waves with salty air and a good batch of fish and chips to share with your family and you’ve got yourself a winning summer day.

7. Try contrast showers

Even on a stay-cation you can catch yourself overindulging over the warmer festive period. So it’s important to ensure you’re paying extra close attention to your health. Now that you’re not dealing with freezing mornings, it might be time to try the toxin-ridding benefits of contrast showers. Essentially, you alternate your shower between hot water and cold water, letting the hot water run for 2-3 minutes, then one minute of cold, repeating the process for about five minutes. This is said to dilate blood vessels, increase blood circulation and then let the cold constrict blood vessels and decrease blood flow to flush your body of toxins. This is especially effective after exercise, where lactic acid and toxins tend to build up.

8. Make the most of fitness in your pool

Sick of working up a sweat while you exercise? Well there are plenty of accessories that will help you use your pool for some serious fitness training, meaning you can get that “summer bod” without even breaking a sweat. From resistance training, to pushing out those last few kicks, you’ll be lapping up a new fitness routine in no time.

9. Do a backyard blitz makeover

You’ve got some time on your hands, and a backyard craving some TLC. Create a haven at your back door with a DIY new pool decking (Bunnings have great how-to videos on this!), planting some trees, purchasing that new sun lounger and matching umbrella you’ve always wanted or insert some LED lights around your entertainment areas (decking, poolside, around the garden).

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that you never know when your home is going to be your first and only haven. Make it the space you not only have to reside, but want to.