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Blue Circle - The rise of mineral pools: 4 things the buyer should be aware of
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The rise of mineral pools: 4 things the buyer should be aware of

7 July 2021

Mineral swimming pools and spas are quickly becoming the norm for most Australian families and it’s for a very good reason too. The water is infused with magnesium and thanks to centuries old studies, we know that bathing in this water provides us with a long list of health and wellbeing benefits. Naturally, with the rise in mineral pool popularity there are more options coming to market and this is where confusion can start to weigh in.

We have cut through the smoke and mirrors, detailing the top four things the buyer should be aware of when looking at converting to a mineral pool or building a new one.

01 Don’t Pay Too Much

There are varying mineral blends available and some have recommendations to add 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s of bags to the water! If you encounter this, this should be a BIG warning sign you are paying WAY TOO MUCH! These are often mineral blends that have salt blended within them and/or use potassium as a replacement for salt.

The key message here is don’t be fooled into buying expensive salt as you could pay over $1000 each and every year, when you should only be paying a couple of hundred dollars (for a 50,000L pool).

At Theralux, we take a very straight and honest approach. The pool or spa owner can use our unique magnesium blend of minerals (a bag should cost no more than $110 and the average pool only requires 2 per year), add these directly to the water and maintain the chlorinators required TDS level with sodium (Pool Salt). By separating the sodium from our mineral blend it allows us to be the most powerful, easiest and affordable mineral pool available. We don’t see the point in trying to trick consumers in making them believe it is any more complicated than what it actually is.

02 Using a Portion of Sodium in a Mineral Pool Is Ok!

In fact, sodium (Pool Salt) is widely promoted within the wellness industry as something we should all be bathing in regularly. There does however seem to be a small movement away from sodium but the cost of doing this is HUGE and the benefits not extensive – why? Allow us to explain.

There are mineral blends available that claim they contain little or no sodium. Instead, they use a large dose of potassium chloride and this is predominantly to increase the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) for your chlorinator to run correctly and produce enough sanitiser. This all sounds good in theory but all you are doing is paying for an extremely expensive salt replacement. The outcome is the same – potassium chloride is converted the same as sodium chloride in a salt or mineral pool. They both create the same sanitiser to keep us safe from bacteria, but unfortunately you are paying approximately 4 times as much for the honour of using potassium.

03 Make Sure the Mineral Blend Contains Mostly Magnesium

There are some blends that claim the benefits of a mineral pool, however only contain a water softener. Be sure to select a mineral blend that is rich in magnesium as this provides the majority of the health and wellbeing benefits that are nourishing for the body and mind.

04 Don't Buy Straight Magnesium

You will find a lot of the minerals on the market are just straight magnesium chloride, but you must be extremely careful with this approach as to not over dose. This can be done easily and could cause discolouration of the water and also staining of the pool. To reverse this problem, it is both time consuming and expensive. Most reputable brands will give you accurate dosing rates and a simple maintenance program.

At Theralux, we use a very simple process of adding our unique and proportioned blend of minerals every 5 to 6 months.

We do also have Mineral Test Strips that can be used for those wanting to be more accurate. You simply enter your mineral result into our online calculator and it will tell you how much minerals to add.

The wash up is that we LOVE mineral pools and are strong advocates in creating healthier Australian families. We see the mineral pool as one of the most simple and effective ways of receiving health benefits that we as a society so often lack. In our opinion, buyers just need to be wary that they are choosing sensibly and not getting caught into paying too much for their mineral water!