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Blue Circle - Photocatalytic AOP systems and why should I choose it?
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Photocatalytic AOP systems and why should I choose it?

23 September 2021

It’s almost summer, and as that oh-so-familiar smell of warmer days floats over us we know too that we’ll soon be shaking off long hot days with a refreshing swim in our pools.

There’s usually just one down side to that: heavy chemical chlorine getting in our eyes, discolouring our hair and swimwear, and drying out our skin. It can also corrode our pools over time. However, luckily there are some great alternatives to chlorine and salt (chlorine generators) sanitation.

Welcome the newest and most impressive backyard swimming pool technology that replicates nature. Quantum Purity is truly revolutionary, using a natural water purification technique called Photocatalytic AOP – simply known by scientists as ‘Nature’s Silver Bullet’.

What is AOP?

Photocatalytic AOP (advanced oxidation process) system, as it is more technically termed, is a gentle but incredibly effective way of disinfecting your swimming pool without the harsh side-effects on your body, hair and swimwear that typical chlorine pools can cause.

While the Quantum Purity AOP is a new offering by Theralux and relatively new to pool sanitisation, the technology has been used for many years, including as a method to sanitise drinking water. Don’t be fooled by its gentle reputation, though; it’s a highly efficient system to keep your pool clean, clear and ready to dive in. AOP can have up to three times the sanitisation power as its heavy-chemical counterparts and its results in water purification and recovery can last longer, and work faster.

The Quantum Purity AOP has trace elements of chlorine (don’t be alarmed,we are talking drinking water levels here), that do not retain the same harsh side-effects as the chemically-laden approach does. Instead, Theralux’s photocatalytic AOP system produces hydroxyl radicals through a specific combination of chemical free treatment processes that destroys organic materials, bacteria, body fats and oils from your pool water.

There is no other pool sanitation system (ozone, ionisers, chlorine or UV) that comes close to the science-backed performance of the AOP system.

What are hydroxyl radicals?

Hydroxyl radicals sound like a complicated science-y element, but in fact it’s a very efficient, focused oxygen species that reacts with organic and inorganic matter in a way that basically spring cleans your pool. Think of it as the Marie Kondo of molecules.

AOP systems produce this short-lived, highly reactive molecule into the pool to destroy contaminants in the water through decomposition; hence why the traditional use of heavy chlorine, that attacks pollutants with chemicals to kill them, is not required.

That’s a big tick for anyone wanting a natural pool without any of the bacteria risks, hassle or dull looking water!

What are the benefits of AOP? 

There are many benefits to you, your wallet and the environment that you can enjoy by using a photocatalytic AOP system – especially pairing it with Theralux’s 100% Earth Minerals.

Photocatalytic AOP naturally destroys dangerous pollutants that contaminate your water and can be harmful to you, your family and your pool if not taken care of. The system does this in a way that does not require chemicals; meaning, degradation and corrosion risk is reduced (if not eliminated) and there is significantly less damage being done to the environment without compromising efficacy of cleaning and sanitation.

Using nature’s own way of cleaning our plants to make it habitable, the Quantum AOP works with absolute ease and performance to rid your pool of viruses, pathogens and bacteria, without the side-effects of skin dryness and irritation, a pesky ‘chlorine smell’, material damage and potential eye irritations.

Photocatalytic AOP technology as your swimming water purifier is revolutionizing pool sanitation and turning the idea that heavy chemicals mean a cleaner pool on its head. You and your family can now have peace of mind that a refreshing dip in the pool this summer is also safe, gentle and clean.