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Blue Circle - Chatting with Hotel Magnate & Philanthropist Dr Jerry Schwartz

Chatting with Hotel Magnate & Philanthropist Dr Jerry Schwartz

25 May 2021

We shoot the breeze with Dr Jerry Schwartz, Australian hotel magnate, philanthropist and environmentalist on why he chose Theralux for his own pool and how he’s investing in Australia’s future.

There are times in life when you meet a true achiever and Dr Jerry Schwartz has to be top of our list. With 15 hotels in his personal portfolio (including the Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains , Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, Sofitel Sydney and Gold Coast Paradise Resort) Dr Jerry also works two days a week in his cosmetic surgery practice and still finds time to pioneer environmental projects across Australia. Oh, and did we mention he’s a doting family man and father of three young children?

We snatched five minutes with Jerry to discuss how he’s making a difference for all of our futures.

“With success we have an opportunity to make a difference and for me it’s giving back to local communities and preserving our environment”.

Firstly, thanks for choosing the Theralux Complete Mineral System for your new pool!

That was an easy decision for me as I was looking for a system that was safe, yet gentle on my family’s skin with the least impact on the environment. I have to say, we couldn’t be happier with the results.

What are your main priorities in life?

Family and using my success for good, whether its supporting cultural initiatives, charities or environmental projects.

How much stead do you put on environmental projects?

In light of the issues Australia has faced in recent years, I think it’s paramount that we all focus on the impact we’re having on our environment.

I’m in a position where I can implement initiatives that will benefit the planet and I’ve invested heavily in renewables. We recently completed a $10 Million project building the Southern Hemisphere’s largest private solar farm in The Hunter Valley with 15,000 solar panels across 10 acres to put energy back into the grid.

Is it hard to balance your commitment to the environment with being a successful hotelier?

It’s something I’ve spent a lot of time addressing. I try to ensure my hotels set the standard. We employ an environmental officer to ensure we’re making the right decisions, for example ensuring our hotels are using renewable energy where possible. We also have intricate management systems to ensure we regulate the use of energy, water, lighting etc.

What three sentences would you use to describe your Theralux Mineral Pool water?

1. Theralux mineral pool water genuinely feels like silk
2. Theralux mineral pool water calms my body and mind after a day’s work
3. The pool water is so simple to look after – I’m a hands-on guy, so I love the ease of it.

What tips would you provide to new and existing pool owners?

  • Go straight to Theralux, of course!
  • Focus on a pool system that gives you the healthiest water…the options have come a long way since the old chlorine and salt pool.
  • You don’t want to be a slave to your pool, so choose a system that offers ease of maintenance and doesn’t cost you too much to run.
  • And finally, If you are able to manipulate your environment, then make it the best for yourself that you possibly can!

We'd like to extend our thanks to Dr Jerry Schwartz for taking the time to chat with us.