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Blue Circle - Benefits of combining the Theralux Quantum Purity AOP with minerals in your swimming pool
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Benefits of combining the Theralux Quantum Purity AOP with minerals in your swimming pool

25 October 2021

Whether you're already a pool owner or in the market for a pool, there’s always the option to choose a water sanitising system that makes sure your pool water is the most gentle, natural and safe variety in the market.

Today, it’s not a given that your pool must be chlorine or salt – both requiring higher levels of chemicals which can cause damage to your skin, hair, swimwear and integrity of your pool. The latest technology in pool water treatments is within the Theralux Active™ Complete Mineral Pool, a system featuring the Quantum Purity AOP combined with Essential Earth Minerals.

The result; the world’s most pure mineral swimming pool. Here’s how it works, and why it’s the best water treatment you can decide on for your pool this summer.

Why you should combine our AOP Photocatalytic Oxidisation system with minerals in your pool

Everyone can resonate with that familiar feeling after swimming in irritable pool water: dry skin, sore eyes, rubbery hair and the smell! It might be mildly nostalgic, but it was never pleasant. Once, this kind of water was the common thread amongst Aussie neighbourhood pools, but today there’s a far more superior option that doesn’t have any of the side effects, but all the efficacy (plus some) of their chemical counterparts. Combining our Quantum Purity AOP system with our Essential Earth Minerals is the most natural, affordable and effective way of keeping your pool clean and pure. The combination allows for clean, clear and odourless magnesium-rich water, that is ultra soft and gentle on the skin and you can even keep your eyes open underwater (no goggles)!

Opting for this combination dramatically reduces the need for chlorine and other chemical exposure, protecting you, your pool and its surrounding areas.  

How can I have the Quantum Purity and Essential Earth Minerals within my pool?

To upgrade your pool, simply select the Mineral Pro Pack, featuring the Quantum Purity. Everyone one of our conversion packs comes with the Theralux Active™ Essential Earth Minerals.

One of our Authorised Dealers then come to site and within one or two hours (site dependent), we have upgraded your pool to have the premier water treatment of the 21st century. It really is that easy.

Once we connect the Quantum Purity into your existing pool plumbing (no removal of existing equipment needed), we infuse the water with refreshing, magnesium rich minerals (Essential Earth Minerals).

Having water that now sparkles without the use of additional conditioning products, you will start to see water look just as good as it feels. Soon after, you will notice reductions in your chemical consumption, chlorine exposure and how much time you were having to maintain your pool.

Whether you are needing to replace your sanitiser (usually a saltwater chlorinator) or you are simply looking to upgrade your pool water to be mineral, we have easy conversion packs available.

How much does it cost?

There is Mineral Pool pack to suit any budget, with conversions starting from $200 for your average sized swimming pool.

Additional factors that impact the costs would be things like:

- Opting for add-ons like the Pool+ Manager (simple to use pool automation allowing you to control your entire pool from your phone!) 

- The volume of pool water

- If you’re converting an existing pool or have a newly built one.

Importantly, there are also three primary areas of cost savings to be realised after making the switch to a Theralux Complete Mineral Pool:


By reducing the need for backwashing, the Complete Mineral Pool system significantly reduces water and usage costs while minimising the amount of chemical required for balancing, saving you money. Because the system naturally destroys oils, suntan lotion deposits, sweat, urine and body fats the need for chlorine and specialty chemicals like algaecides and clarifiers diminishes, accounting for a drop in monthly running costs. The AOP Photocatalytic Oxidisation system can also take up to 80% of usage out of your main sanitiser.


If you choose to run the Quantum Purity AOP system on your pool, you will dramatically reduce the production of your chlorinator saving electricity costs (if it has switch mode technology). In addition, using a Complete Mineral Pool System that features a variable speed pump like the TVS, you can slow down the RPM of the motor, providing huge savings on the pump costs.


These days, water is one of our most precious resources, and we should do what we can to preserve it. Having a pool does not have to equate to overblowing our individual water usage. Using the Quantum Purity AOP is one of the most effective ways of reducing pool water waste as water stays easily balanced for longer and it requires significantly less backwashing.

Our mineral pools are the cleanest, healthiest and most affordable on the market, and we do not take shortcuts. To improve the quality of your pool water, talk to us today about our free installation offer.

Exclusive Signature Innovation

The Science of Quantum

Designed to simulate a process scientists call “natures silver bullet”, Quantum Purity uses a powerful, environmentally friendly technique tried and tested in world-class hospitals, environmentally sensitive clean-up operations and municipal drinking

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The premier water treatment technology that replicates natures own technique for sterilising our planet, making it habitable - earning it the credit of the ‘water treatment process of the 21st century’.

Innovatively designed, Theralux have developed the first cost effective photocatalytic oxidiser specifically for the residential swimming pool for a toxin free swimming experience. 

Photocatalytic oxidisation has an immensely powerful effect that not only has the ability to instantaneously destroy viruses, bacteria and pathogens, but also has the power to convert suntan oil, urea and other contaminants back into their harmless form.